Raspberry Pi and optical out

Hi folks

Seeking some up to date advice on a Pi 4 issue please! I am looking to connect up a Pi with the optical input on my Ruark desktop speakers for my kitchen.

I did order a Digi+ hat and Pi combo from Hifiberry, but long story short - could not figure out how to fit it together involving the case included. Upshot being a fairly useless case (screw terminals now knackered) and a definitely useless Pi (one pin bent while I was trying to assemble it, tried to fix it > snapped pin). I have since ordered a new Pi and unfortunately it does have to be an optical into speakers solution that I achieve as that’s the only remaining input.

Any advice for an optical/SPDIF out that would fit easier on top of a Pi? I am aware Iqaudio do one similar but it’s out of stock.

You would think the assembly would have been easier, and I have done similar before without issue, but the lack of identified parts confused me - plus their lack of guidance - and I now have a non-functional anything.

Thanks :pray:

There are instructions on the hifiberry site for assembling the case with the Digi+… If you don’t follow the instructions, you will definitely damage the Pi or the Digi+. I have that combo and it sounds great.

You need the case that HiFiBerry sells.

I’ve put together several Pis and HiFiBerry HATs without any problems.
They can be fiddly. You need patience.

I know that doesn’t answer your question, so maybe get a child/grandchild or neighborhood kid to do it?

BTW - I just ordered the Digi+ Pro because it has galvanic isolation.