Raspberry Pi as roon endpoint split question

So I Currently have a Raspberry Pi running Ropieee + hifiberry Digi+ Pro connected to a Schiit stack for headphone listening.

I also have a Denon 750H as my home theater system and music listening through the whole house.

My question is I want to use that raspberry Pi to stream to both setups is that as simple as a Y splitter going from Raspberry Pi coaxial out split to shiit stack and Denon avr?

The reasoning behind this, why i’m not just using airplay from my denon or just connecting my headphones to the denon for private listening. Hate Airplay and would like 24bit audio not just 16bit and I love the way my headphones sound on the Schiit Stack.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Optical out to the Schiit; HDMI out to the Denon 750H ?

Roon seems to think that it does (at least, it offers an HDMI-out interface to configure). But I admit that I haven’t tried it.

I thought the problem was that the Denon doesn’t have a USB-in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have suggested HDMI.

So I just figured out I can use the Nvidia shield that’s hooked up to the Denon Avr as a roon endpoint, streaming up to 32bit didn’t realize it was capable.

To bad I didn’t figure it out before I ordered a hifiberry dac+ pro and a raspberry pi 4. Oh well guess I’ll have something to tinker with.

You can never have too many Raspberry Pi devices. There’s always something else interesting to do with them.

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Via Chromecast? Never got more than 48/24 on mine?

Apparently it’s capable of 32/192 through HDMI if the app supports it. Just based on a data sheet for shield I’ve never actually tried it so who knows.

What’s its capable of and what Roon allows are different things. Unfortunately Chromecast Video devices are limited to 48/24 via Chromecast which is how Roon sends it to the Shield. Only the inbuilt Android player on the shield is capable of high Res audio for stereo or if your use UAPP or Neutron. Tried many other players on my shield they all resample to Androids system audio rate.