Raspberry Pi keeps blinking fast-ish

I apologize if there is an obvious answer to this (or it has been treated before). I purchased a Canakit and set it up for WIFI w/ Ropiee. So far so good – actually awesome. Roon can access it, I am playing music through it right now. But it is inaccessible via ropiee.local and has been ever since I switched to wifi 36 hours ago. It’s working so maybe I should let sleeping dogs lie. I restarted ROON Core, changed nothing. Thoughts?


Can you try accessing via the IP address? You can find this in your router or by using an app like Fing to do a scan.

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Can you access it via the IP address? If you look in Roon, you’ll see the IP address assigned. Just enter that in your browser instead of ropieee.local.

Or… I noticed you’re spelling Ropieee with only 2 "e"s. Could it be that?

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Ah now I see what happened the IP address changed one digit when it updated for wifi. My bad! Accessible now!

Just bad spelling.

So… it’s working but blinking too fast? So it’s not blinking at 1/2 Hz?
In that case send me feedback so I can have a look.

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I think it’s all right, I may have misjudged the frequency. Thanks so much though.