Raspberry Pi -- replace Shairport with piCorePlayer

I replaced the Volumio/ShairPort software on my raspberry pi and installed piCorePlayer using the Squeezebox functionality in Roon. I highly recommend it. piCorePlayer will handle higher bit rates and the set up seems rock solid. Not more disappearing, reappearing AirPlay issues.

Fully agree.
Been running piCorePlayer for a long time. Always stable. And now the same with Roon using it as squeelite client.

Hehe… I just connected a Pi2 w. DigiBerry+ to my system. Assembly and imaging took <15 min. Instantly found by Roon and playing for about an hour now.

Not too shabby, methinks.

Let’s just say it very hard to beat the price\quality ratio.
And even just looking at quality it is pretty decent.
Add the ease of use and easy of ‘assemble’ (you can’t call it build really).

By the way, took the time today to hook my old sbt sbooster up to it for some ‘clean power’. So far so good.

Works fine with me too. A linear PSU connected directly to the HifiBerry Digi+ gives a vast improvement in sound (especially the top end of the spectrum) as I described here: https://youtu.be/L83EEDbAMJI

Hi Peter,

I recently did the same, are you using an USB DAC from the raspberry pi? If so, are you getting DSD from Roon? I have a Chord Mojo connected to the pi using piCorePlayer, but I am unable to send DSD to the Mojo. Besides that, it works flawlessly.

I am using an Aune X1s with a Pi, I use DSD/PCM encapsulated which works fine. i believe that the encapsulation does not change the data just the delivery package.

Yes, I also tried to use the DSD/PCM and Roon says it is sending it to the squeezelite, but then squeezelite is sending the data to the Mojo as it were 768kHz (colored like green) instead of DSD (white), and I cannot hear a thing from the 3.5mm jack. I checked Mojo’s DSD output with other sources and it works perfectly, I think the problem resides in the squeezelite DoP function. I am sorry, I’m very new to this technology. Any guidance or help is appreciated Peter =)

This is what my system looks like:

Mine was exactly as yours but there was no sound. Nevertheless, I erased the SD for the tenth time, put piCorePlayer, put Mojo configuration, only this time I put -e dsd in the config and it seemed that was what I was missing. I’ll check tomorrow that everything is fine.

Not sure what the Mojo config is but I did the following steps to set up the Aune on the Pi:

  1. Plug DAC into USB on Pi and boot/reboot
  2. Login into the Pi (account=tc, password=piCore)
  3. Enter: /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/squeezelite-armv6hf -l
  4. Copy the USB device (Aune was iec958:CARD=DAC,DEV=0)
  5. Goto the PiCorePlayer website
  6. Goto Squeezelite settings
  7. Select Audio output to be USB
  8. Paste the copied string into Output Settings
  9. Save/reboot

Thanks, it seems to be working since yesterday. If I find any problem I will do what you did.

Thanks for your help!

Beekhuyzen and Raspberry Roon endpoint, informative video.

Yes, DSD over PCM (DoP) works fine

Hi Peter

I am pretty new to Roon (3 months). May I ask what requirement enforced using either Squeezbox or Airplay, instead of RoonBridge, that works like a charm in RPI. I have Airplay for guests and Soundcloud only, not Tidal or my music.


That requirement would be the unavailability of Roon Bridge: this thread originates from Dec 2015 – RAAT and Roon Bridge were first introduced with Roon 1.2 on April 14th, 2016. Since then, Roon Bridge and RoonReady have become the golden standard for Roon use indeed.

How time flies. :slight_smile: