Raspberry pi to Denon HEOS amp

Hi all, first post here. I have an outdoor speaker pair that is paired to a Denon HEOS amp, and would like to use Roon on this set up. This amp does not have apple Airplay, but it does have a toslink input. Can I build a raspberry pi that would work as an endpoint and send feed out via toslink?

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Yes! But you will need a HAT (audio interface) on the Pi to provide a toslink output. I recommend Ropieee for the Pi, which supports the HATs listed here. Obviously choose a toslink one!

The alternative being a Pi with a DAC hat to feed an analogue input on the Denon amp, assuming there’s one spare.

Thanks guys, will look at these suggestions. Since this is a pool outdoor system, sound quality is not the biggest concern. Would a chromecast audio unit work for this possibly also?

Alright, I ordered a Rapspberry pi and a DAC, and I do have an analogue input I can use, so that should work. Thanks for the help.