Raspberry Pi vs more expensive Roon Streamers?

My Pi4 with RoPieee has been stable for over a year, no problem at all. It’s up 24/7, connected via WiFi. I don’t think the described problems are typical for a RPi serving up Roon Bridge software…


I have three Pi enpoints, 2x RoPieee and one running HiFiBerry OS (so I can get 192KHz play back over optical). One RoPieee instance had a few teething issues, though my Debian informed clumsy Archlinux hacking may have contributed. Again they run 24/7 without any issues.

Same here. I’ve been running one Pi 3B+/RoPieee streamer, just using WiFi in and USB out, for more than two years now with no issues, no maintenance.

I use a raspberry pi with Ali digiOne HAT and I think it and similar products are by far the best bang for the buck. You get about 95% of the performance of higher end products for about 10% of the cost. Nothing fancy in the rack to show off but that works for me.


I’ll pop in to say that I use a Allo DigiOne Signature with a Pi4 and it’s amazing. Please don’t listen to anyone who says you need to spend a silly amount of money on a streamer. They’re most likely just making a case to justify to themselves paying too much for their branded, pretty, solution.


Another vote for the Pi with a hat, from a Phantom owner who does the same. Don’t waste your money on anything else until RAAT support is released which will eliminate needing a streamer altogether: the rumour is next month it will drop (https://devialetchat.com/Thread-Devialet-DOS2-next-release-in-February-2021). Then if you aren’t happy you haven’t broken the bank.

Somewhere further up someone suggested USB into the Dialog. That’s not an audio input: it’s just a service port.

I am a great Raspi fan, so please do not get me wrong.
I run them all with Volumio as I need the HDMI out, Hifiberry’s Software does not have that.
I once rebooted Volumio from within the interface and had to reflash my card. Another time a simple on-off with the power supply did it. Those were good standard power supplies. Once my Hd2Dac was no longer seen by Volumio. I even acused Hifiberry of refusing to help, as they told me for shipping the Hat back to Switzerland I had to declare custom stuff and wait for week ( I now buy their stuff via Amazon). I found out the Volumio had a bad day. Another time it would not recognize my Amp60.
Could be all Volumio, and if you use a Hifiberry board, it is is good to stick with their software as this gives you support. However, with Volumio I have now an ADC with HDMI out which is seldomly found otherwise. And my kids can tap into its Bluetooth if they want to play their stuff as Roon or Volumio is a bit too uncool for them.

Playing roon via RPi since years now. Currently RPi4 (dietPI OS)+HifiBerry Digi Pro+ via optical out. Sounds fantastic. No issues. Would recommend a fine power supply to tweak it a little. iFi (entry), SBooster, Hynes…

Never tried the more “advanced” HATs with optical out like pi2design or the audiophonics. Could be even better since you can power them independently and not via the RPi.

enjoy your music

I’ve auditioned three Raspberry Pi based streamers over the past couple of months. My experience with these streamers is that there are definitely differences in sound between different PI based streamers as well as with other higher priced streamers.

My objective was to get a new, better sounding streamer to replace an Auralic Aries Mini and move the Aries Mini to my surround sound system. My current system has been the Aries Mini with an sBooster power supply plugged via USB to the internal DAC in a Rotel Integrated amp.

I first tried a Pro-Ject Streambox S2 Ultra. The Streambox provided a major improvement in sound over the Aries Mini. I was thrilled with the sound. In addition, the Streambox was sturdy and very well made. Unfortunately, the Streambox did not work consistently with Roon, so it was returned to the dealer.

I then tried an Allo USBridge with a Shanti Power supply. At first listening, the USBridge sounded similar to the Aries Mini, but after a few days of listening and switching back and forth, I just did not like the sound the USBridge over the Aries Mini. I kept the Shanti power supply and sent the USBridge back to Allo.

I next tried an Allo DigoOne Signature with the Shanti power supply. I felt that the Digione Signature sounded a bit better than the USBridge, but after a week or two of listening, my opinion was that DigiOne could not beat the sound of the Aries Mini in my system. In addition, I was less than thrilled with living with the DigOne. When the DigiOne is shut down, it was necessary to unplug the dirty side USB power cable and then plug it back in while the device is in the process of re-booting. If this does not happen, the device does not work. To me, the dirty power/clean power setup on the DigiOne is a deal breaker. I will sell the DigiOne Signature.

I’ve had my system in its current state for several years, and there is no doubt in my mind that the Streambox Ultra 2 sounded significantly better (or just different) than my Aries Mini or either of the Allo streamers. In addition, the Allo products involve more fiddling than I want to deal with, such as multiple power sources or multiple ground cables. A simple PI4 streamer might be better, especially with a different DAC. I don’t mind spending more money for a well designed, solid product that sounds goods. I just need to find the right one.

I wonder if this says more about the DAC that the streamer? But I do agree that Allo’s twin power supply is a faff too far.

What you have demonstrated is that nothing beats auditioning.

Nice conversations here, but the OP is asking about a specific situation that has already been well answered, if a RPi with a digi+ or hifiberry digi board is sufficient. Yes it is. The nature of Devialet Phantoms is to buffer and redistribute and therefore re-clock a digital audio stream to play up to 192k/24bit PCM signals. The optical nature of S/PDIF isolates the RPi from the Phantoms and the buffering and redistribution hold off jitter and noise from what inherently is produced by the Phantom design. So the SQ and reproduction is independent from streamer quality and the one the Phantoms produce. Having this configuration already for several years I can confirm that it is great and to my knowledge has the best price/performance ratio.


Thats why I use the DigiOne. It sounds good. No faffing


You know, especially with the Shanti and the Allo DigiOne Signature you can just leave it powered on all the time, right? There’s no reason to power if off and on and off an on ever. Unless you’re powering the clean side with a battery pack, which you’re not.

Just my experience, I had a RPi 3 and now a Rpi4 with Allo Digione HAT,

I reboot almost daily in summer, less so in winter, I have had one occurrence of a corrupt SD card, (hence why the second RPi, oops) . Between them around 3 years of trouble free use,

I won’t get into SQ debates but I Connect coax to Audiolab M DAC then Sennheiser HD 800 couldn’t be happier . One proviso, I am 70, my ears aren’t what they were :shushing_face:

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Can I ask why the daily reboots?

Lightening storms, I live in Johannesburg, in summer we get major storms almost daily , a few years back I lost most of my HiFi when a neighbor’s tree took a direct hit.

It ran down the phone line , ADSL, router and wham . Amp, router , 2 streamer , switches the lot . Thankfully insured …

Better safe than sorry , everything gets unplugged at night

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Just one more data point here. RPi4 running Ropieee XL into an RME ADI-2 DAC FS via USB. Sounds perfect and I’ve never had a single glitch.

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I run at least a dozen Ropieee RPi endpoints here and there - not all on at the same but probably 5/6 running 24/7 restarting everyday on Beta channel. Very reliable. Most run a Hat, some are display only and a couple run DAC’s attached, but my main listening rigs are a pair of Lumin D1’s and a D2 in the best area - also no issues. considering the Lumin’s are at least an order of magnitude more expensive than the RPi offerings, to be honest I dont determine there is a same level of improvement in the SQ.

Everyone has a price point in their budget and of course if you can listen to determine what sounds best before you commit it helps.


I have 5 RasPi3 with HifiBerry HAT and HifiBerryOS.
Since i use this OS i do not have any problem with them.
Booting every day without problem. Update online (build in website)
Regards, Reinhold