Raspberry Pi Won't Play

Strangest thing is happening. I have two Raspberry Pi units, both with HiFiBerry. One is a DAC and one a DAC Pro. Both were working before and neither works no.

The Hifiberry DAC, running DietPi, was working before but now it shows up normally in Roon, appears to be working, but no sound is coming out.

The HifiBerry DAC PRO shows up in Roon normally but the play button is not enabled.

So, all of a sudden neither are working. I’ve tried the HifiBerry card image for both, the DietPi card image for both, and now Ropieee for the DAC PRO and nothing changes.

Did something break HifiBerry DAC’s? What the heck?

Perhaps this happened afte the B298 update the other day. @support

Interesting observation. It could explain the issue, but I wonder if anyone else is seeing this problem? Can I be the only one?

Hi, @Lanny_Hoff, thanks for the report! Could please describe your setup here, like it’s shown on this page?

Also may I ask you to elaborate what do you mean by not active in this sentence?



Well, fellas, thanks for your help. It got me thinking that maybe my testing procedure was faulty. And it was.

I have both units working now, using DietPi. The only bummer is that I cannot get Shairport Sync to install. I can only find v158 of DietPi and I guess I need v160(6.0). Anyone know where to get that? I will ask separately on the DietPi board.

Your help has been much appreciated!

Why dont you just log into the Pi and issue

That could work, but I don’t think that update has been released yet. I’m a very inexperienced linux guy so I appreciate any and all of the obvious (to most everyone but me) suggestions. I may try the update thing anyway, just to see, but I think that auto update won’t bring you to the new release when it comes out, if I understand the pre-release notes.

Looks like it is releasing this Sunday, Jan. 28 and will NOT update using dietpi-update. FYI.

Okay, thanks for the info!
I haven’t logged in to any of my DietPi endpoints in a few months now. (If it aint broke, dont try and fix it!)

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