Raspberry PI400

Can Ropiee be used on the new Raspberry PI400?

It’s just a pi 4 integrated into a keyboard using one of the usb ports by the looks of things . I imagine it will run ok

Wouldn’t have thought there’s a problem.

@spockfish might give the definitive answer?

Get me one and I’ll promise I get it work :wink:


Top answer. :grinning:

Got to ask OP (only because I’m interested) why use Pi400 as a bridge rather than the smaller RPi4?

Indeed there is no issue, was able to install and successfully run roonbridge-installer-linuxarmv7hf and now roonbridge is up and running with 0 issues.

Now I will be trying to connect my dac via the I2C connector and see if that works as well as it does with my PI 3b+

StopMakingSense- the choice of the rasp pi400 was just curiosity since I have one.

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I thought that might be the case. Glad you got it working.

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