raspberryPi located, but "Device Not Found"

first time Roon user here!
i have Roon Server running on Intel NUC with Kubuntu 18.10.
i have a raspberryPi running Raspian with Roon Bridge installed.
now i am using the Roon Remote on an android tablet and it is connecting to the server and
i can view the music library just fine.
but of course, i need to play back through the raspberryPi with the Allo DigiOne output.

on the Remote/Audio page, i see the following:
room raspberryPi linux 4.14.71-v7+
ALSA “gear icon” Device Not Found

so, my obvious question is:
what does it mean that the device has been located but not found?

Have you turned on Roon Support in the DigiOne setup page?

where is the DigiOne setup page?
thank you for your help…

A lot of information can be found here:


Below I cut and paste from the above link. The default name and password is in the above link.

http://dietpi.local (replace IP to match DigiOne IP)

my raspberrPi is not running dietPi; it was built from scratch based on Raspian 9 stretch.
it was the only way i managed to get the 7" HDMI touch screen to work with jivelite.
anyway, what exactly do i need to change in order to enable “Roon Support”?
is it a setting for the Bridge?

Hello @Hong_Son,

Can you please post a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the Audio page? You can use these instructions to upload images here. What is your endpoint after the Allo DigiOne? Is the endpoint powered on and has the USB input selected?


hi, noris,
after discovering the raspberryPi thread, i moved the question over.
in any case, i found the problem was due to SqueezeLite running in RPi.
once i stopped it, Roon had no trouble playing local music.

however, i cannot add internet radio due to networking error:
“Network Error: Please check your internet connection.”

my network setup is:
Roon Server runs in Intel NUCi7 which has a wired LAN connection and
a wireless connection to a mobile wifi hot-spot.
so, for some reason, Roon is not using the wireless.
NUC is running Ubuntu.18.10.
do you know how i can give the wireless priority or set it as the preferred interface
for internet connection?

thank you for your help…

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