Raspbery Pi 3 Model B+ (2018)


So new model is out. With improved bandwidth and 5G wifi.
Before you gonna ask: I’ve ordered one, to be delivered tomorrow. Idea is to have it supported asap.



Where do I contribute? I want to help fund you for all you’ve done for the community.

Great thought:

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Hhhmmm, PoE enabled RPi, nice. :+1:

Yes, PoE is good, but it requires a HAT. That probably excludes use of other HATs like DigiOne or similar?

The PoE HAT uses a separate 4 pin header and can be used together with other HATs. It costs 15 about euro.

Then that is just great!

It also appears to have a fan, which would make it less than desirable for an audio endpoint:

PoE 2

On eBay you can buy a poe adapter for rpi for a few $$ that sits inline with the lan cable and passes 5v on micro usb to the rpi

Can you add a switch to turn the WiFi off and just use ethernet cable?
Less pollution in the signals.
Waiting for the 3B+ version: (met smart = Dutch)

Hi @Frank_Berens1,

That’s the default behaviour. The wifi radio is only enabled if you actually enable it in RoPieee’s web page.

oh, and on the topic of the 3B+ version: doing the latest tests.


I really love the improvements when it comes to speed in the new 3B+, but really hate the new switching power supply controller = worse sound quality. Really, it doesn’t matter if you turn the Wifi off. The older PI3 had just 3 charge pumps and linear regulators for the rest, memory included. Oh well, guess I will have to secure a good quantity of the older PI3 boards.

Thanks for the tip. Getting my new DAC Friday, so I hope your tests are successful. So I can use my Pi 3b+ as an Ropieee bridge to my DAC. Keep up the good work!

yep. this is also a (very) small improvement. Not exciting at all, we just need to wait for the Pi 4. And I really, really hope they decouple USB from ethernet in that one.

Likewise, will be great to see a different controllers for LAN and USB, so they don’t fight anymore.
Also, will be nice to keep mostly LDOs and ditch the switching PS controller. Worst part is, the PI module is obviously not designed with Audio quality in mind, so I will be surprised to see any hardware improvements in this regard, sorry to say.

Agreed. That’s not gonna happen, as the Pi is clearly designed as a general purpose machine.

Would be great though if they would make the board design modular: so you can take the design, build the PI as-is, but replace the PS.

Oh, this will be the best option ever. To me, it is much easier replacing the three SMPS of the older PI3 with linear regulators compared to the the 3+. Of course, this can be done as well, but more work. Can’t wait to get my hands on one, but most importantly, I can’t wait for you to come up with a RoPieee version for it.
Thank you for such a great work! It really works and sounds marvelous!

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Is there an ETA for ropieee for the Pi 3B+? I’m impatient, sorry. :wink:

Don’t tell anyone, but here you go: http://image.ropieee.org/ropieee-20180322.img


Super. Thanks. It’s bedtime for me now, but tomorrow morning I will give it a go.

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