Raspbrry pie control

using raspberry pie for roon control

I think some words are missing from your post… what are you trying to say?

My apologies.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4b with Hifiberry Pro+dac (to be replaced with Allo Signature + when delivered tomorrow), I am using Ropieee XL to run roon via an i7 nuc and melco N1a.
This i can control with an ipad pro.
My question was,the ipad is now required by the wife for her work, so i was looking to use a stand alone elecrow 10" screen for control.
Can this be achieved? I can only so far find control software for either Android or Mac’
Rely like your educating a 4 year old, not a pensioner please.

Roon’s control software is only available for windows, macOS, android, and iOS.

I was in the believe that Ropieee comes with Roon Web Controller preinstalled (o.k. this is not the real Roon experience but it allows you to control Roon)?