Rating multiple albums

I am searching for a way to rate multiple selected albums. I know how to edit album metadata for selected albums, but the rating metadata is not available.
This feature would help me in transferring my album ratings from iTunes to Roon.

There is not a direct way of mass editing the Stars. You can mass edit and select PICK and then use PICK under focus. Some users have added a stars rated tag and then focused on the star tags.

Thank you for your fast reply. I can work with your suggestions.
Just out of curiosity: Why is the mass editing of star ratings not supportet? Isn´t this basically the same as editing any other metadata for an album?

IMHO it very much should be supported. I looked for an open feature request but didn’t find one. Do you want to search as well and, if none exists, open one? You can do this in the #feedback:feature-suggestions category

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