Rating Tag In FLAC vs Favourites in Roon

Hi All
Before Roon (and I may well go for a Lifetime License after my 14 day trial) I always used J-River on my HTPC for music.

When I mark a track with a rating or as a favourite in J-River it populates the “Rating” tag.

I have therefore got FLAC files (my entire collection is FLAC) that are marked as either Blank/0 for No Rating or 5 for a Favourite or 5* Rating.

When importing my library to Roon the “Favourite” tag is not populated.

What tag is it looking for to display this?

Similarly I have also subscribed to Tidal since it seems to integrate with your software so well (and my Uniti Atom). When I mark tracks as favourites in tidal they also don’t appear as favourites in the Roon software. This is not as much of an issue for me but was curious about this as well.



Hi Martijn,

Adding a favorite in Tidal, only adds it to your library in Roon. You have to then hit the heart in Roon to make it a favorite.

The ratings tag is not populated by user based file tags. It is data compiled from services.


Thanks. I do appreciate of course that I can make playlists too.

Thanks anyway. What a great product for discovering music. I think it’s awesome.

Would be nice if Roon integrated Amazon music HD as well as Tidal in the same way they do with Tidal.

Amazon Music HD is a little cheaper per month.

I’ll see if there is a new features section on the forum. I’d imagine it’s licensing.


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