RCA CDDA from Tidal HIFI discovered curved banding signature

I happen to notice an audible noise from an album by The Hues Corporation on Tidal HIFI which I have never heard before. I checked out the spectrograph and discovered that RCA’s (Sony Music’s) signature was a curved band instead of a straight one. Usually, a record label (notoriously Universal Music) inserts inaudible or barely audible single-frequency band(s) in the audio to mark their signature for copyright purposes.

An example is seen below with the arrows pointing to the double-banded signature used by Atlantic Records:

Here is an authentic CDDA track from RCA on TIDAL*:

*The white line is used to make the curving more pronounced.

The curved banding is also extremely audible and you can hear the frequency changing during the song. I have never seen something like this before on any albums I have so I wanted to post this. Not sure what would cause this to happen in post-production.

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