Re-analyzing entire library unnecessarily? [Answered]

If I turn off background audio analysis, after the whole library has been analysed, then turn it back on again, it slowly re-analyzes the whole library. Library is on NAS. Is there a way of avoiding this?

I just leave it on, eventually it settles down and I don’t notice anything. It all just works.

Can you recall the last time Roon performed audio-analysis?

I’m wondering if it was pre version 1.3 … with the move to calculating DR values the whole library has to be re-analysed.

Like Chris, once complete I just leave background audio analysis on … it has not [other than for new albums] run again since the 1.3 installation.

Actually it’s possible it was before 1.3. I’ll leave it to complete and see how it behaves after that.
Thank you.

Just be aware that the 1.3 analysis takes a lot longer than previously. You can control how many cores are dedicated to this process in Settings/Library as well as if the speed is Fast/Throttled/OFF. A lot of other users, set it to process overnight and then turn it to throttled when they are using the system, and then back to FAST when they are done. That way the analysis which is CPU heavy doesn’t interfere with enjoying the music.