Re-arrainging tracks in a playlist is horrible

I can’t consustently grab a travk to move it up ir down.


do you have a keyboard and mouse, as I found you can grab a line with the mouse, then use the keyboard to PageUP or Max to the top or reverse to go down, it’s not perfect, but at least a bit quicker than just scrolling one line at a time. So far I do not see a way to move more than one item at a time, uggh, playlists are horrible to manage.

When on a Samsung S6 landscape mode. The ‘hotspot’ area to grab it is quite small. In portrait (it used to not do portrait) the spot to grab it is much better and works most all the time. Will try a keyboard. Don’t know what a max key is, though.

with a keyboard there are PgUp and PgDn keys, depending on the keyboard and S/W, you can usually hit Cnt-PgUp to max to the top and vice versa