Re-Identify wrong artist

Hey there,
I just added the album “Radio Voltaire” by Kino to my library.

Roon identifies the band as the Russian group:
So it shows the wrong data, the wrong biography, the wrong albums in Tidal (okay, thats a Tidal problem, because Tidal sees no difference and shows the albums of both bands).
Is there any possibility to re-identify the artist, search and link it manually or at least disconnect “my” Kino from the wrong entry?

Hello @Oliver_Frohlich,

Thanks for the report, these kind of issues happen from time to time. Most likely the reason is that either our metadata server or source data from our metadata providers has an error which combined few artists with identical name. Issues like that can be fixed, but unfortunately it is a server side fix. Pinging @ivan who can get a deeper look into your issue. Stay tuned.

Hi, @Oliver_Frohlich, sorry to hear for the trouble and thanks for pointing it out.
The thing here is that it’s a bad source example, that UK Kino’s album is linked to russian Kino, that’s why you see albums by both artist. We are currently working on the fix which will prevent such situations in the future, but as workaround for now I can suggest:

  1. Un-identify that Kino’s album. On album details page press 3-dot-button will open LAbum Editor->Edit-> Identify album -> None of these look right -> Use basic file info
  2. Go to Edit Album tab in Album editor.
  3. Remove tick from Kino in Primary artist section, press Add Primary Artist and type in something like Kino (UK)
  4. In Album Artist field choose “edit” and type in Kino (UK)
  5. Save edits.

Sorry for inconveniences.


Well, thanks for that. And no need to worry. I can live with that. And I rather see wrong albums and right albums in the mix than no album at all. So it’s better for me not to unlink the artist. The only inconvenience for me is that the recommendations aren’t quite usefull.

Anyway, you are currently working on a fix, so that’s okay with me.

Hi, I know this is stale but has any more progress been made on this? There are 2 albums by Starless (Starless and Earthbound), one of which is on its own and the other which is attributed to another Starless entirely.

The method detailed with the 3 dots doesn’t work - the Edit option doesn’t appear to exist for me (these are just Tidal / Qobuz albums). Is there any way at least to provide feedback if we can’t correct the grouping ourselves?