Re-install of Roon ROCK

Hi all - I’ve sort of given up for now on support ever getting back to me about my ROCK server restarting itself every night whilst I’m trying to listen, so the best option for now I think is a backup and complete re-install of the ROCK OS system.

What I wanted to ask, and I can’t find this anywhere, is if I flash a new USB drive and F10 into a new ROCK install on the NUC, will the install routine reformat my data drive, the internal SSD that my music sits on? Obviously this would be a bit of a disaster!

Any help most welcome, it’s my job for a bit later today! :blush:


No it won’t. Formatting of that drive is only mandatory when a new music storage drive is installed - and even then, it is only done under user control.

A fresh ROCK install only formats the M.2 SSD.

PS if you’ve already tried re-installing Roon OS (from the Web Administration interface) rather than a complete re-install of ROCK, and there were still problems with Roon Server restarting, then I personally would start to think seriously that there may be a hardware issue with the M.2 SSD.

PPS if you haven’t already got a backup of your music storage drive, then you should start planning for this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Geoff, I’ve reinstalled now and restored the backup and we will see what happens later, it’s always last thing at night here when the reset happens…