Re-installing Roon 1.8 on a 2014 MacBook

I’m having a terrible time trying to get Roon 1.8 re-installed my Mac. I foolishly deleted 1.8 thinking that I could upgrade to 2.0. My ancient Mac cannot download 2.0. What are the steps required to get Roon 1.8 running on my Mac?

Download links are here for 1.8 Legacy.

Make sure you download the new 1.8 Legacy on all your devices. Search app stores for ‘Roon Legacy’.

Thanks for the response, but I still can’t get Roon to work. I would happily pay someone to lead me through the setup real-time.This non-real-time help is worthless for someone like me who doesn’t feel comfortable with computers.

You need to be more specific about what’s wrong. Just saying you can’t get Roon to work isn’t very descriptive.

Are you saying you can’t install at all, once you install you can’t connect, your Remotes won’t talk to the Core, etc.?

Did you get V1.8 Legacy from one of these links?

If you are using an iPad to connect, did you download the Roon Legacy app from the App Store, first?

There could be many reasons why you are having trouble. You have to be more specific to get adequate help…

Hey @Clark_Varnell,

You have my sincerest apologies for the delayed response here, we’ve been dealing with a higher-than-usual volume following our release and we’re working as quickly as we can to get back to everyone.

I wanted to check in on this thread, after reviewing your account it does look like you’ve since been able to get your core online on 1.8 just a few hours ago. Please let me know if you need additional help here!

@xxx is correct in saying we’ll need additional information on your full system setup and the issue to better provide support :+1:

Hi. My Apple expert (who was not familiar with Roon) found a file that was preventing Roon from loading. He replaced that file and off we went. I had watched as he roamed through various files until the “ahah” moment. I never would never have located the problem without the Apple expert’s real time help.

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@Clark_Varnell, I realize this may be water under the bridge at this point, but do you have a 2014 MacBook, or a MacBook Pro? I have a 2014 Pro, and they will run macOS 10.15 (Catalina), as well as Big Sur (11.x). You need to be on at least Catalina in order to run Roon 2.0. So if you’ve got a Pro, and wanted to be on Roon 2.0, you could first upgrade your macOS to Catalina (or Big Sur, which is what I’d recommend) and then install it. Just an FYI.

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Thanks for your response. My computer is a MacBook Pro. When I attempted to upgrade the OS, I got a message that I could not upgrade beyond Sierra.
As I previously noted, my Mac expert, who had never heard of Roon until I showed up, was able to find a file that was blocking Roon from downloading. I sat next to him as he tried a handful of possible solutions, until after 20 minutes or so, he found the problem file. Once he found the problem and worked his magic, my Mac immediately began loading my ITunes library. It took about an hour for the library to load to Roon.
I do not believe that I could have found a solution without real time support from an Apple specialist.

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