Re-starting: Art Director + Chromecast Issues

As I and other users have noted, when 880 was launched, photos which were visible and rotating as they should on a remote, were not doing so with a Chromecast TV display. This was not an issue with the Beta. The topic has now been closed due to a lack of new comments, but the problem remains. I am refreshing the topic here to help ensure it doesn’t fall thru the cracks, and hopefully get a status update.

Earlier, we were advised the problem had been recognized by Roon, and I gathered there was a belief it would resolve itself as the Art Director process unfolded. So far this hasn’t happened.

Nearly all of my photos have been edited into Roon, rather than come from the Roon photos offered. I generally have between 5-15 photos per artist.

I keep looking for something to help Roon address this, but can’t find anything. Photos sometimes appear, but never consistently. Sometimes the “lead” photo appears via Chromecast, other times it doesn’t; if a photo appears (but not necessarily the “lead” photo), it may display 1 or two other photos in the gallery, and neglect 7 or 8 others altogether. It seems to make no difference whether the photos have been just recently added do a new artist, or if the photos were added years ago.

Thanks for the hard work, and we all appreciate your help getting the most out of the Roon experience!