Re your service outage

​There is a made your bug in your Roon update recently having to do with tidal authorization. The problem began this morning when I attempted to re identify a tidal album that had incorrect data in the roon database. It then blew up and kicked me out of tidal. In an attempt to fix the problem, I logged out of tidal in roon and attempted to re log back in with no success. And when I enter the credentials, it says that it is temporarily down and invites me to check back in 30 seconds. However, after having done a number of different things to restore the account, this problem persists and the chrome browser URL indicates that it is plugging in a Roon authorization code that the roon software generated. My Internet works fine and my title account works fine using the tidal app in my browser and roon works fine except that it will not incorporate my tidal library anymore even though the subscription is valid and the credentials and everything else has been checked and rechecked multiple times. There is no apparent other cause for this failure. Therefor, I am unable to use roon as 75% of my library comes from tidal. I use windows 10 and a roon nucleus as the core. I have rebooted everything and logged out and logged back in again.

This is probably related to the Google cloud issue described at the top of the page as such it is out of Roon’s control. Please wait until that has been fixed and try again.

Hi @Robert_Vantress,

I just wanted to check in and see if things are working for you now that the Google Cloud Platform service outage is over. Let us know if you’re still having any issues!

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