Read embedded lyrics

I know this topic has been brought up before for several times but I still haven’t found a reliable answer.
So here’s the thing: I’ve got about 45 000 songs on my HDD. None of them with embedded lyrics. I started with Roon about a year ago and put everything I had to the library. Over the last year I had to realize that some songs or/and albums weren’t ripped or tagged quite as flawless as I wished they were. Because with Roon I became a little obesessive about everything being perfectly tagged and ripped, I decided to delete the library completely - just the library, not the music - and add album by album and song by song once again. In doing so I can check them or correct them.

So there are two simple questions that popped up in my mind:

  1. If I add a song to the library and Roon doesn’t find the lyrics at at the moment, will Roon find the lyrics all by itself as soon as lyricfind adds them to the database sometimes later? Or do I have to do a rescan or something like that?

  2. Will there ever be the possibility that Roon reads embedded lyrics if they can’t be found in the database? Or - even better - to choose between “Prefer Roon” and “Prefer Tag” as it is possible right now with cover, year etc? Because if so I would add the lyrics to the taggs while building up the library again. But if not this would be useless work.

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it will.

we can look into this, but if you are willing to do this, then it sounds like a legit place to have the data.

I would appreciate it A LOT if Roon could read embedded lyrics.


+1 for reading if embedded lyrics. It’s also useful to replace wrong lyrics.

Roon would be so perfect to me if they added this.

There’s lots of scripts/services/programs out there that allow you to add embedded lyrics to your music in batch.

Roon’s in-build lyrics is not reliable for non-english music. It doesn’t find lyrics for 95% of my music.

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I would like to join this feature request:
+1 for reading if embedded lyrics. It’s also useful to replace wrong lyrics.