Read-only access to NAS with ROCK - Any issues?

I just set up a ROCK on an i7 NUC, working flawlessly so far.

I have a Synology NAS that is mounted via SMB, and I have enabled the account that the ROCK uses to be a read-only account. This seems to work fine so far, but I am wondering if there are any disadvantages or problems that could be caused by making the NAS share read-only?

I know I would lose access to the file management features within the Roon UI - i.e. I can’t delete music, can’t import new music within Roon, etc. This is OK for me, I use the amazing and excellent Beets to manage the NAS music file system and importing music with the best metadata embedded in the file ( - I can’t recommend this software enough!).

Other than the above, will not allowing Roon to have write permissions on the shared folders cause any issues?