Read post never set as read

I took the screenshot from my desktop. I can retake it as needed. Let me know.

I honestly have no idea what I may have done. Experience tells me I may have done something, others may have as well?

If I scroll to the bottom to view my unread I have this. I took the screenshot. Highlighted in white, with the 1 new flagged. No activity in 2 days now. That field updated.

No thanks, I don’t see a need to. :wink:

This is the piece of information I was hoping for.

Update: So from a user specific view (my unreads aren’t your unreads) unfortunately (for troubleshooting purposes).

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It appears to be working normally again for me.

I spoke too soon…it’s back to acting wonky. :roll_eyes:

I now get constantly reminded of a New (1) thread.


If I click on the button …

So the forum seems to have issues currently beyond the usual.


So, drill into it as that should mark it read.
Scroll to the bottom

Guess who? Click it. Back to the first image.

I am glad others are starting to believe as well. Thank you.

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Your welcome. As I tried to explain above, the main issue here is reproducibility (my “new” aren’t your “new”, your “unread” aren’t mine) and the appearance in general can also happen because of slow servers.

Update: Maybe something got messed up during/because of the introduction and subsequent hiding of the new batches? Looks to me like the start of this thread coincides with:

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“New” no longer works for me.

EDIT: Works now.

I also noticed it seemed to start with the new badges.

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As of the time being, I no longer see this permanent “New (1)” – fixed itself or got fixed?

I still see the same. None of the others get marked as unread just this one.

I no longer see user badges (lifetime, subscriber, etc . . . ) it may be entirely unrelated though.

It updates how long though. 3d no activity.

I’m still seeing it. I also noticed when I select the Feedback category, the posts are no longer in order of most recent post; they are all mixed up. I can select Activity to arrange the posts by most recent, but it doesn’t stick.

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This is a different issue that already has its own thread (see above and here again):

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Ah, I missed that. Thanks. :+1:

Another poster posted. It told me 2 new messages. I read the new one and it has now cleared.

Ditto. Definitely an issue with this forum.

See also:

so there are a few things going on…

We upgraded to a pretty big update of Discourse software, and things have been slower to propagate than usual. This software seems to also have some bugs. I’m planning on a another update this weekend, as they’ve fixed some stuff already.

We’ve had numerous users over the years harass moderators and our staff. We even had 2 users here direct unsavory signups for physical mail and internet stuff to a staff member’s personal home address and email. One of our staff has a restraining order on a user here due to repeated harassment. Often, these people find creative ways to do these attacks, of which I’d not like to share.

We have some techniques to deal with these users, and are always experimenting. Shadow banning, slow banning, and error banning are 3 effective methods. Unfortunately, sometimes these techniques can cause a bit of havoc to the system’s stats gathering.

Some of these things you are noticing were happening before we started shadowbanning users, so its not all a result of that, but the problems are more consistent with the shadow bans.

I’m going to unlist this thread because I don’t want this to be super public info, in case the abusers are lurking. I ask you to take into consideration issues like these before you start posting names and specific situations that look like errors.


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