Reading and Roon, who does it?

Did a search for this subject, and couldn’t find anything so apologies if another thread exists (although maybe it was hidden amongst the millions of threads mentioning Roon Ready lol)

Just wondered if many folks enjoy reading books while listening to music?
I find it nigh on impossible, ( magazines not a problem as less concentration required), I just haven’t got the discipline required to concentrate on both. It’s a big regret, so wonder if anybody has any tips on how they combine reading books while listening to music.
Do some people find it beneficial to well being, soothing etc?

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Nice one, but to my shame classical music is not my thing.

I don’t suppose anything can be as relaxing as reading a “Roon 1.8 is a massive failure” thread. But music is a close second. I’m like you, I simply can’t do both at the same time. If music is on, I stop reading.


I do. But I can only read and listen to instrumental music. If there are lyrics in the music I cant concentrate on the book.
Same when I’m working, instrumental music only.


Book, then read. Music, then listen.

There is no both.


Ipad browsing yes, book reading no.


I have a friend who is a voracious reader and he can listen to music simultaneously. Going by the replies so far he is in a lucky minority.
It’s probably a massive cliche, but I’d imagine that of all genres of music that Classical music would be the easiest to combine with reading.

If I concentrate on reading a novel I’m effectively blocking out the music in my head (I build a lot of mental imagery as I read).

Like others … magazines or technical docs are no problem but a story consumes most of my concentration.

I almost always have music playing. When I’m reading or otherwise trying to concentrate I generally put on jazz or classical.