Ready to buy HQPlayer for Mac OS, but no documentation grrrrrr

I’ve emailed the contact address on the Signalyst website, and no reply, so I’ll try here.

I’m using Roon and enjoying it to stream tidal/qobuz, as well as play files from my ripped FLAC library. I heard about HQPlayer and gave it a try, and I’m pleasantly surprised that there is a NOTICEABLE difference in sound quality when Roon uses HQPlayer as an endpoint.

Running one Mac Mini as a Roon Core, and that feeds a second Mini that’s a Roon Bridge, on which also resides HQPlayer, and feeds the DAC.

Took a bit of mucking around, but it works great. So, I’m ready to buy the licensed version, but there is NO documentation on the Signalyst site about whether to uninstall and re-download, or if a registration key is all that’s needed, or what.

Perhaps I’ve missed it, but i’ve looked everywhere. Can anyone point me to it, if it exists? Or if you want to just share your experience here, that would be great.

Maybe I’ll include @jussi_laako in this…


Hi Christopher,

I purchased a combined HQ Player licence through Gianluca, @bibo01, who is an authorised reseller and can offer a discount to Roon members. I’d recommend sending him a PM.

Once you have a key you just register it under Help/Register in the HQ Player software. There is no need to reinstall, but it is always a good idea to check the Signalyst site for updated versions.

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EXCELLENT. This is what I needed to know. I’ll ping @bibo01

cheers and thank you!

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update: @bibo01 helped me purchase the license and I’m good to go.

For those searching this subject:

Once purchased, an email arrives with XML file, and that is saved to your computer.

Selecting “Register” from the menu opens the file dialog, and you select the XML file and it then registers the app.

You’ll need to restart the app for it to fully register.

thanks all!

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