ReadyNAS Pro and Squeezebox Pro

Will Roon run on a ReadyNAS Pro to Squeezebox Touch? If so, is there a guide on how to do it?


Not many here use ReadyNas. I have one but I have yet to test doing so because I would need to upgrade the base memory. I will let you know when I have tested it.

But, you can experiment also if you wish.

I believe @Govnah is running Linux Core on a ReadyNAS - perhaps he can tell you more.

Yes, running an upgraded ReadyNAS_516 (CPU and RAM) and Roon Core runs fine, I can up-sample/convert to DSD128 w/ out issues. By default the Linux install package wants to install to /dev/md0 on RN OS6.1 (not enough disk space).

What OS are you running the native RNPro OS or OS6?

So you need to modify the install script to install /apps, which is a symbolic link to /data/apps. I have modified the install script to install /data/apps/roon.

rs1.csv (16.0 KB)

Once downloaded, rename the extension from csv to sh and copy to your NAS via winscp. SSH into your NAS and run, i.e. ./

Also, may need to change owner or permission if you are unable to run/execute the file/script.


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Thanks, Govnah! (said with Dick Van Dyke British accent)

Unfortunately, I’m not tech savvy enough to follow your advice. I’m not even sure what OS I’m running. I have an older ReadyNAS Pro 6, so I think it is RAIDiator 4.2.30 (x86).

I was hoping there was a Roon third party add-on.