Real-Time Auto Scanning Not Working in 1.8 (756)

Rebuilt roon and ROCK from scratch and rescanned the whole database in the hope this may resolve this issue; seams a little better but still no auto real-time scanning on the fly.
the software (version 756) appears to have made some regressive moves here.
This was a known issue which was only fixed a few weeks back, now its broke again.

Prefer it in dark mode in 1.8.

Over all looks and feels better… but should this really have been released yet?

Real time information is not running on 1.8

No, its not working with 1.8/756.

My setup is:

Roon & Network:
ROCK: Intel NUC i7 10th Gen FNK2: 16GB RAM 256GB MVMe SSD
Storage: QNAP TS-251+: 8GB RAM 2x 2TB SSDs
Switch: NETGEAR ProSafe GS105

Aavik U-300
Speakers: (DIY) VOLT BM228.8 / ScanSpeak D2905/990000
Speaker stands: solidsteel SS-5
Speaker cables: SAEC Triple-C SPC-850
USB cable: SAEC Triple-C SUS-380

LPSU: HD Plex 300W
Cables: Neotech NEP-4003 / MS-HD