Really confused. Roon 'falling out' with some Tidal albums

Roon core on PC and running through another PC and two phones (one android, one apple). All by wi-fi.

Of late, many, not all (and predictable or specific) Tidal albums in my library glitch and jump if I’m using Roon. A notification pops up to the effect there might be a network problem with Tidal, BUT…

it always happens on the same albums and only if streaming Tidal via Roon to my Pro-ject s2 Ultra…which will stream the same albums perfectly okay if I stream Tidal through it using Volumio.

Roon also plays the same problematic Tidal albums just fine if I stream through my Ifi Zen Streamer.

I’ve switched cables/dacs and whatever to verify that the problem only occurs with Roon sending Tidal to the Pro-ject streamer…that the problem lies somewhere in the relationship between Roon and the streamer. I’ve cleared the Tidal cache, executed a factory re-set on the Pro-ject unit, rebooted my wi-fi router…

And now I’m reduced to going a little nuts, so…

Hello anyone?

As it seems confined to the same albums and you state all on Wi-Fi, my best guess would be that the problem albums are higher resolution than the non problem albums.
Is this the case?
Unfortunately Roon is a lot more bandwidth intensive than say just playing direct with the Tidal app and what you think is a great Wi-Fi connection can swiftly turn into not strong enough for Roon.

Thanks for the response.

I think you may have hit nail on the head with “bandwidth intensity”. That seems to dovetail with my conversation earlier today with the vendor who sold me the Project unit about a year ago. After running through how it had worked flawlessly for this past year, we got around to figuring that maybe the reception of the Project unit wasn’t coping well with the number and strength of other wifi signals in its vicinity. (the wi-fi extension point … that was sending signals to the Ifi Zen Stream and other connected paraphernalia in the room).

And yes. It was only higher resolution files that were tanking. And yes, I’d shifted the Streambox’s location around about the time problems started popping up…but didn’t make the (a-hem) connection.

I’ve moved it back into another room and made sure it has “room to breathe” as it were. And…so far, so good. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear!
Long may it continue and enjoy the music!

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