Really high volume with Classé CP-800 pre-amp when I use Roon volume control

On 2 occasions, somehow the Roon volume control (speaker icon in lower right corner) gets turned to max (100%, resulting in really loud volume through my system. This happened the second time yesterday when I was trying to get Roon volume control to work with my Antipodes DS EDGE (which Roon settings describes as “Roon Ready Antipodes Audio D2”); if I clicked on the speaker icon, I would get “Volume control is Fixed.” So, with the EDGE, my pre-amp (Classé CP-800) and my amp (Classé CA-2300 amp) all powered on, I used the Antipodes web interface (through the unit’s IP address) to change the EDGE’s Volume Control setting from “None (volume 100%)” to “Software.” As soon as I hit “Save Changes,” the sound (something had been playing, of course) rose to a really high level. I ran to the Classé remote control (downstairs from where I was running the Antipodes web app), but before I could do anything, sound cut off. The pre-amp was in some weird state, showing volume at -14dB (very loud, of course, I typically play at -30dB). I couldn’t get sound to come out; I couldn’t reduce the volume setting at the pre-amp from -14dB (although I could increase the volume setting, that is, to -13.5dB or less), and even so, I was still getting no sound. In the Roon control on my Win10 Pro x64 PC, I could see the volume at 100%, but fiddling with the Roon volume control didn’t bring back any sound.

Eventually I reverted to “None (volume 100%)” in the Antipodes web app, powered the pre-amp off and on a couple of times, and was back to normal. So, for the time being, I am leaving the Antipodes setting at “None” and getting along without Roon volume control.

Something similar happened a few months ago, but I don’t remember whether I then had the Antipodes EDGE. I do remember, in addition to the really loud volume, being shocked that the Roon volume control was at 100%. But I cannot recall what I did to reach that point.

Any warnings, gotchas or whatever about using Roon volume control?

It would be nice, by the way, for the Roon control app to ask, when the volume setting is put to more than 90%, whether the human operator really wants the volume that high. As things are now, it seems that enabling the Roon volume control can result in a setting of 100%.

I suggested adding min/max volume threshold settings at the zone level, so it can never go beyond a certain point. Right now simply touching at the right hand edge of the slider sets to 100%. I certainly wouldn’t entrust it to the volume of my main hifi - I only use it for convenience on secondary zones where I can also physically set their volume lower so it can’t hit danger levels.

I believe Roon are looking at options for possible future improvements.