Really really incredible intro experience

Wow just spent a day with Roon. Really really brilliant. Everything just …works. And I got scared at first thinking I’d need a NAS, need a specialized DAC etc etc but no, I have everything I need right here.
Here’s the clever thing about Roon…it’s able to utilise what I already have…a couple of mid spec Macs, some Bose speakers, some studio monitors …I have all this and it was sooo easy to get it all going and to swap around what is the core and what is the remote and to get a remote working on Android and…well big respect for the software engineers… and graphic designers who have created an incredible experience. How come I never heard of this!? You guys need to do some advertising!

I will be taking up a subscription.


Welcome Andy! Enjoy Roon and hang out in the forums. We are a nice bunch around here and are happy to help if you need it.

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Welcome Andy and enjoy. Don’t mention these speakers much in the forums you will get lots of heat about them LOL. I learned the hard way early on! The software is so good it makes everything sound great in my opinion.

I believe Larry is speaking in jest, because Roon and these forums are intended for all users; regardless of their taste in gear or music. Even my old stuff and @mike’s midwestern polka collection… Welcome AndyP.

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@AndyP -

Only from the snobs.:laughing:

Welcome to the community.

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I was speaking in jest, thanks for picking up on that, and agree with Slim_Fishguttz that it’s only from the snobs, who are greatly outnumbered by the regular folks!


Thanks all.

Bose is Bose !

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Haha, just don’t mention Bluetooth!

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