Really Roon? (Images design should be rethough)

I know Roon can not possibly have images for every band, or person in the credits section, and that’s why I’ve been searching, photoshopping, and adding pictures…BUT there are some things I THINK are near unacceptable.

Are you telling me there’s no good image of IRON MAIDEN as a band??

Also Janick Gers, and Nicko McBrain have BAND PICTURES, and Dave Murray is a grey circle. I mean world renowned musicians with 40+ years in the business.

No picture of ROGER GLOVER alone?

I’m not talking about the moldovan band Basarabian Hills here…it’s a DEEP PURPLE member

And there are more examples.
I know maybe there are more important things to solve, but the “image issue” should be addressed. Metadata is one of YOUR selling points. I’m not going to cancel my subscription because of this, I LOVE Roon, but please either try to find a way to improve this. Details are important, but maybe I’m wrong.

Also, the “Discografia” section is misspelled “Dicografia”, and I don’t know what you mean by “Agrupaciondz” on the menu that links with the community, maybe “Comunidad” or “Foro” would be more accurate.

I insist, maybe someone who can’t get the app running, doesn’t care about images but, an immersive experience is very important and I think that, when it works, that’s what I love about Roon.
The immersive experience of listening to my music, with the image of the band on the screen, reading the bio or album info, surfing the people involved in the making of the album, and just let the music do its magic…


… yes, and getting MULTIPLE images of artists to span their careers!


Maybe you could help with translations?

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I am…thanks!