Really useful additional focus filters would be

Hi there,

I am really enjoying Roon, but having an issue with quite a significant number of unidentified albums. Okay, my collection on the server might be a tough one for any software as there is lots of analogue-ripped stuff,self-tagged ripped DVDs and classical albums from obscure independent labels. While i was brushing through and trying to correct some mistakes, an idea came to my mind:

I can set a focus filter for ´identified´ albums, so therefore i see how many albums are still lacking full roon database support. Why is there no ´unidentified´ filter? Would be so practical so see only the problematic cases listed to work on them. Same with ´has no cover´ and especially ´has no genre´.

Would be so great if this is possible with a future build.

Best regards

If you click that “identified” filter it turns red, and it is in effect then “unidentified” filter.
You can reverse all of those filters by clicking items.

Thank you very much, did not know this very useful feature for unidentified albums.

But maybe a ´has no cover at all´ or ´has no genre´ filter could nevertheless be useful for some folks.

I have done bookmarks for “no cover”, “no genre” and “unindentified” focus filters