Rearranging zone icons?

Is it possible to re-order the zone icons please?

I add a number to the beginning of my zone titles to arrange them as I want. Just putting a 1., 2., 3. in front will get them ordered in any way you want.

(I actually go further than that, for example, my RAAT zones are just numbered, my chrome cast zones are CH1: [Endpoint Name], my Squeezeboxes are SQ1:[Endpoint name] that way all endpoint are grouped by type and then ordered by number.)


Thank you, brilliantly simple solution

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This is more elegant than my solution of z, zz, zzz, zzzzz… to shove things to the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

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Some of us (me included) just have too many endpoints…nice solution tho Daniel :sunglasses:

One can always adjust the order placing most frequently used zones top of the list.

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The good old underscore trick works too: