Reboot and automatically starting after power loss

Using a mac mini for Roon core.

Currently, after a power outage, I need to re-sign into my mac mini using keyboard and monitor, start Roon, and reconnect via ipad or iphone.

Thinking about switching to Nucleus or NUC as core. Do those need this type of process, or do they self boot to Roon after power is restored?

Many thanks!


Using the BIOS, a NUC can be set to power up after a power loss.

Under WIN10, Roon can be started automagically.

Best solution? ROCK on a NUC.

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Excellent, thanks.

Thoughts from others?

I have the NUC/ROCK setup with a UPS battery backup system so it never really loses power. Before the backup I did not use auto restart preferring to wait until the power was stable again. It’s a single press power up and initializes quickly.

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Taking these ideas, I changed my mac mini energy saver settings to boot up at power on, security preferences for no username or password required at startup, and Roon is set up for automatic login.

Appears to now go straight to roon at powerup, thanks for the ideas!! Like adding a ups too.


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