Reboot Startup Woes

What is happening , I just rebooted my core , indeed my entire network, and I see this

This update happened months ago so why rebuild the db again , it persisted for enough time for me to realise and screen shot it !!

Along wit that the Auto Tidal Logon is still failing

Roon Message 2

Not major issues but certainly not right

The latest release was just a month ago give or take a day but maybe you can detail what release your on now? There are also some things that changed in tidal logins there are still being worked thru too. Note it’s a long weekend so support might be delayed in getting to reply to you.

Up to date, installed on the day of release


Not a big issue , I am concerned its doing stiff to the Db that’s all , I understand the long weekend restrictions , let wait until normality (Define Normal ???)

Hello Mike,

  1. Requires a database update
    It is displayed when a new album has purchased and downloaded, or when TIDAL updates a New Reries. Close Roon and restart to fix it.
  2. TIDAL Login failed
    Click “Retry”, then Login to TIDAL and restart Roon.

I can manage the Tidal logon which has been reported repeatedly since the last version update and I believe is being investigated currently

WRT the database message, I am not sure you are correct , the message I am seeing I associate with the first start up after an update where there is a structural change to the database needed, Adding new content is almost instantaneous , depending on the size, and would not show in this way.

I normally close down and reboot daily and have not normally seen this message only recently , probably since the last update

New content won’t require a database update, this is normally a core change

It is a long weekend here in Parts of asia and in the USA so support might be a bit late to the party today.

Hi @Mike_O_Neill,

Regarding the TIDAL login issue, our next release will include a change that will help with that.

Regarding the database update message — Can you use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link? We’ll take a look at what’s going on there.

Just to verify — Does this happen every time you close and open Roon, or only after a reboot of the Core?

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