Rebooting MicroRendu kicks Roon NUC off the network

Very strange behavior. I have been power cycling the MicroRendu a lot to resolve a problem with the Geek Pulse, and every time I do the Roon server (WIndows 10 NUC) disappears from the network.

The server and the MicroRendu are both plugged into a switch, which in turn is switched into an Eero.

Has anybody seen this? Any ideas?

Conflicting IP addresses ?

Hi Anders, I am using the Eero three router combo with Roon/HQPlayer and the microRendu in both NAA and Roon Ready mode with no issues. Roon server is on an Late 2014 iMac desktop running latest version El Capitan OSX.

My Primary Eero is setup directly after the cable modem, and connected to a switch. Roon Server is connected to the same switch. The switch is also connected to Ethernet over cable modules and subsequently into the microRendu. No issues. When I first got the Eeros, I tried to connect one of my remote wifi Eeros to the switch with my microRendu and other peripherals, and I had connectivity problems.

Is your Roon server connected to the primary Eero?

In my local network, visibility of a system on the network is not 100% reliable when that system reboots. It seems to take a while for things to become visible. Perhaps you need to see whether waiting longer will cure the issue.