Rebuilt db and stuck analyzing one song

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I realized I should run RoonServer so I don’t need the UI running all the time on my Windows machine so I got set up and scanned and I’m stuck on one track analyzing. Looking at the logs I don’t see the same trackid analysis line that showed me the issue. I can provide my Roon folder as I see you normally ask for that but if you can show me how to track this one song down I’ll grab the file and send it in if you want to look at the file. Appreciate it!

I found it, I forgot to look under %localappdata% and /RoonServer and not /Roon

01/16 22:14:30 Trace: [analysis] Track Torso - Sono Pronta a Morire - Eating Scraps was not found in AudioAnalysis Service, continuing with analysis...
01/16 22:14:30 Trace: [radio/library] got location US
01/16 22:14:30 Trace: [analysis] analyzing trackid=27368498 url=D:\Music\albums\torso\Sono Pronta a Morire\Torso - Sono Pronta a Morire - 02 - Eating Scraps.mp3
01/16 22:14:30 Info: [broker/locations] updating location Tidal:Name=TIDAL:Id=xxxxxxxxxxx
01/16 22:14:30 Debug: [easyhttp] [22] GET to returned after 26 ms, status code: 304
01/16 22:14:30 Info: [broker/locations] updating location Qobuz:Name=QOBUZ:Id=xxxxxxxxxxxx

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