Received an 'add' in my mailbox - unsubscribing indicates no longer receiving updates?

I received an unsolicited mail this morning from Roon Labs with their partners being pushed/advertised. Long time in the business bla bla… Completely unnecessary.

Where I understand that free forums and info sites need to get by with advertising etc. I don’t expect that from a product that I have purchased at a healthy amount.
What really got my hair up was that when you want to unsubscribe you get told that you also will lose the update information. I consider this not acceptable. We’re not dealing here with something that came free on a cd attached to a magazine.

Why is this?

Brgds, Rene

You’ll get stuff like this from Roon on an occasional basis. It’s very infrequent. If you choose to opt out, that’s your prerogative. Easier to just delete it and stay subscribed.

If you just want to get an info when a Roon software update is released you could subscribe to the forum topic (“watch”) - so you don’t miss on updates should you unsubscribe to Roonlabs marketing mails.

You should see my inbox. I get over 100 emails a day. Guess its relative. You can always opt out.

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I had seen the info on Facebook before I got the email but the email never bothers me… deleting is easier than complaining here. They don’t send out hundreds of emails, it only seems like significant ones.
A non issue in my view, others clearly disagree

You have either an active membership or trial membership. So, you have opted to receive these message. They are not unsolicited.

You can unsubscribe at any time from the links in the email or by visiting the Privacy Policy.

Roon automatically informs you when updates are available.

I thought today’s email was really useful: it’s great to read that so many equipment manufacturers are partnering with Roon. I’m sure a few CXN users will be delighted with this news.


I think you’re not getting my meaning. The add is annoying, I get too many already, but the fact that if I opt out I won’t get any messages at all is wrong. Opting out would also mean no longer getting messages regarding updates, which I do think is important. You should be able to opt out of the advertising, but remain being able to receive updates on product development and changes.


PS I seriously doubt that those with a lifetime membership like me are interested in how many other manufacturers have signed up.


Two partner updates in 2019
Three Summer Series emails
July 2018, Chromecast Support announcement

So yes, I don’t get your meaning and don’t see how 6 emails in 13 months is annoying.


I’m lifetime and I’m interested. I might want new equipment in the future and it’s a great indication of roon stickiness in the market, protecting my investment.

If he is telling you he is annoyed he must be annoyed, don’t you think?

My suggestion is to unsubscribe and in any case when a new update is coming there will be a pop-up.

You can untick “keep me updated with the latest Roon news” in Preferences>Account, also.

In About Roon click on the gear and select “Ask before downloading any updates” instead of automatically install all updates: updates often come with bugs.

The forum will send you messages about updates if you want, as was stated earlier in this thread:

It’s bad form to couple a subscription for administrative or operational emails to any sort of promotion. People should always be able to opt out of advertisements and still get administrative info, and there should be no needed workaround. OK to couple promotions to other types of content, like entertainment, as that is just ad supported entertainment.

If this were SMS marketing, you could actually get this type of activity banned by a carrier, as it is against the rules to tie anything to consent for SMS marketing. Email rules are a bit more permissive and also less strictly enforced. But it’s still bad form.