Received my new Nucleus+

Hi guys,

I received 2 days ago my Nucleus+

I am very happy, the setup is a piece of cake, it took me 10 minutes to unpack it, install my my Samsung Evo 860 SSD and fire the the system up.
I use my Macbook Pro and ChronoSync to shuffle the FLAC files from my Qnap HS-453DX to the ssd in the N+ which runs pretty fast.
The N+ worked the whole night and in the morning he had checked approx. 4500 cd and was fully ready to rock.
I use upsampling to 24bit/192kHZ with my Linn Akurate DSM/III & Linn Majik DSM/III because I wanted to see how the tiny box handle the stress. He ist cooler than the water in my swimming pool!

I do not have so far a qualified opinion about SQ, but I can say this box is worth the money. The Qnap HS-453DX was able to run the roon core, but if you plan to use Qsirch (indexing files) it will produce heat and finally drills the cpu down to almost 0,8 GHZ. I have in my my NAS 8GB memory, two (6tb) hhd & two (1tb) M.2 ssd, this is already serious stuff.

I am sure the guys from roon will deliver some nice features in the future that will produce more cpu consumption and I feel well prepared with my tiny but powerful box.

I am more than capable to build my own nuc, but I prefer to enjoy my music and accept a premium to use my time for the important things;-)

Only my two cents.