Receiver - can Roon power on/off? Switch inputs?

I have Roon core running on a brand new Mac Mini. Hooked to the Mac Mini is a Meridian explorer DAC that is cabled to an older receiver. The Mac Mini as well as the receiver are located in my basement with the listening space upstairs. I am thinking about purchasing an Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver to replace my older receiver

I have been using a product called iRule to turn the receiver on/off and switch inputs. There are times when we listen to the radio and times we listen the our 500+ albums on the Mac Mini hence the need to switch inputs.

  1. Can Roon be used to power on/off the Outlaw Audio receiver?
  2. Can Roon be used to switch inputs on the Outlaw Audio receiver?

I can certainly continue to use iRule to turn a receiver on/off and change inputs but if Roon can do this, it would save jumping back and forth between iRule and Roon.

One other thing I should have mentioned, I am using a Global Cache IP to IR box. iRule talks to this box and then sends a signal to the receiver to turn it on/off and change inputs

Hi @David_Henderson,

Roon can only be used to control playback from Roon to this device. It cannot control the device outside of that.