Receiving "TIDAL is loading slowly" messages

I am experiencing a similar problem but the message I am receiving is something like “Tidal is loading slowly…”

My setup is fairly simple. My Roon core is my iMac connected via ethernet to my modem/router. My Roon End point is my PS Audio DAC with Network Bridge in a separate room. My internet connection is usually 250 mbps or more.

A wired ethernet connection from the DAC/Bridge to my modem/router is impractical. I use power line adapters. Occasionally they need to be reset but that is not the problem when I get the message I referred to. Also this message is a relatively recent phenomena. I’ve used this setup for at least 6 months before experiencing this problem.

I’ve assumed the source of the problem is Tidal’s servers but would be curious to know what others think.

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