Recent activity "added" function is not working

  1. Roon Version : Latest (2.0 build 1202), ROCK OS

  1. Symptoms : Even though I’ve added many albums to roon library, Recent activity “added” function is not working after latest update. But search and play function is working well.

After reboot the ROCK Server, still have same problem.

Sometimes happening for me. Like the Recent added does not update the few last added. Usually a Roon Core restart solves this.

I already try to reboot ROCK server several times and the result is always failed.
I think wrong added date already inserted to library database during the scanning steps and it was caused by roon bug.

:frowning: Oh, sorry the restart did not work. Are there many like this?

Thanks!!! I’ve checked BIOS time and maybe it was caused by CMOS RTC time error.

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