Recent activity build 571- show "added" per profile

I really like that the new recently “played” view reflects the history on a profile basis. Would it be possible to also have the “added” view on a profile basis or does roon not tag who actually adds content to the library?

I think that Roon considers the library a shared resource, I don’t think it is tracked. Otherwise, it would have been trivial for them to enable the long standing Feature Request of having a different library for different profiles.

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My iPad is updating to Roon 1.7 Build 571 as I write this…

Another screen has been added - with yet another layout. Sigh

I have set roon to allow for more covers / albums, so that the screen property is used better.

The new “Activity” screen does not observe this setting-. It only offers 8 album covers instead of 15 (artists view) or 18 (albums view)

Could this get fixed please. Is ANYONE at Roon actually checking out these things before they get released ??? This error is sooo glaringly obvious

Maybe Roon doesn’t want the “Recent Activity” view to look just like the “Album” view…

Your continual snarky and condescending comments aren’t helping you get the results you want.

yes, may be they just don’t like constancy in the UI. Too old-chool. Its a choice.

I can’t find the Recent Actitvy section. Where is it to be found? Do I need a new iPad Roon app update to view it?

Yes, its sometimes not auto-loading. Check directly in the App Store on the Roon Remote App whether an update is already avail in your region.

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Ah yes, just got the iPad update now from the App Store. I always have to go to the App Store to update, don’t know if there’s an auto setting for updates.

Looks fine on my screen.Maybe get a better monitor :stuck_out_tongue:

Got nothing to do with the monitor. An iPad has a great monitor! I am not sitting at a computer when listening.

Settings --> iTunes & App Store --> Automatic Downloads.

Works most of the time.

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