Recent Activity does not show Roon Radio songs?

According to the release notes: “your new ‘Recent Activity’ will also give you quick access to all sorts of content you’ve been listening to lately, including albums, playlists, artists, tracks, and compositions.” Is there a reason why songs that are played by Roon Radio does not show up?

Two reasons come to mind:

  1. It’s not meant to replace Roon History. That is comprehensive. It’s ugly, but comprehensive. Recent Activity seems more a convenient note pad of things you’ve done that you can easily revisit and repeat.
  2. There is music you choose to play, and there is music Roon chooses to play. Roon appears to recognize the distinction which they apparently view as important. “Recent Activity” are actions you chose. Roon Radio is music Roon chose based on their algorithms.

Thank you. Makes sense if that was the intent by the devs. I would prefer to see all activity though.

Would that not be just a duplication of history, what would be the distinction?

The same argument can be made of Recent Activity…is it not just a subset of History or Albums view?

No, it is ‘not just’ a subset. If you look at your history it is just a flat list of everything played. There isn’t an easy way to know how each of those tracks was played.
Recent Activity clumps those music choices into coherent groups. If you selected an Artist to “Play Now”, it shows that. It shows each album that you played (although you may not have played each track in that album). If you played a playlist, that is denoted.
So there is discretion and some added value in showing the selections you made. And, of course, it makes it easy to repeat that coherent action.
If you’d prefer to see it listed another way, that’s fine, for sure. My points are directed to the overall function of the new feature.

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You must meet a minimum played criteria for inclusion in History and it shows you the % of the track that was played. Recent Activity is the opposite, it will include things that History will not, in terms of length of track played, so you get tracks played for only 2 seconds included in Recent Activity.

Still could have done with some release notes though…

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Yes, I agree. :smiley: There are a lot of things which exist, but, not many people know about it.

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