Recent activity - go back to the page position

Here’s the scenario:

  1. While in Recent Activity the User clicks on an album.
  2. When the User selects the “Back” button they are returned to the top of the Recent Activity.

This action should result with a return to where the User was when they selected the album vs the top of the Recent Activity page. This works properly in “My Albums”.

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This is marked as a feature request, but occurring with all pages in Roon. Scroll position is not retained and it was in 1.7. How is this a feature request?

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@Matt_Simpson This works properly with “My Albums”.

This occurs everywhere. When going back the scroll position is not used. It’s reset to top. Makes the whole vertical scrolling very annoying.


Also on album page, most of the time I will scroll down to see the “Tracks”. Then when I click “credits” or “versions”, the page goes back to top. Very annoying.

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This issue has been floating around for five years!!!

As much as I enjoy Roon, this is just a terrible experience.

Yet another thread about this:

Another comment:



This is definitely frustrating while switching between album list and album details view. It seems that in album list, the filter button is active in some sort of way. If you click on this button and then the x button, then you can switch between the two without going to the top of the list again.

I just found this:

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Jan '16

Bug #13409 Is already in the system for this.

Note the date, Jan 2016. Wow! That must be an interesting bug scrub to sit through.

Thoughts @ncpl ?

Yeah Vincent, I made mention of this ridiculous system in the Roon 1.8 ‘massive failure’ thread. I will say it was my only ‘massive failure’ comment.

It’s basically rendered going back when scrolling through 1000’s of albums almost impossible. Well, it’s not impossible, just a complete waste of time.

I made mention in that thread there are some old websites that still have this system in operation & I make an effort to avoid them at all costs. I’m not going to scroll through pages to make a purchase, find some somerthing of interest (usually a guitar pedal), see it’s not what I want & then be taken all the way back to the start of my search.

Perhaps, that’s not so bad when using a computer, but on a phone (where I often search online), it’s basically not possible to use.


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It’s really odd to me that this behavior doesn’t bother Roon leadership. I assume they use their own product.

I am beginning to think they have programmed themselves into a corner and can’t resolve this without a major rewrite.

Thanks much.