Recent activity not show new added album

Core Machine

Synology DS716+II

Network Details

AmpliFi Alien

Audio Devices

NAD T 778

Library Size

9382 tracks

Description of Issue

Home) not show new added albums

Hello @Tomasz_Radosz,

Sorry about the trouble and thank you for letting us know. We’d love to help.

To that end, could you please share some more information about the issue? Do you have an streaming services (TIDAL or Qobuz) connected to Roon. If so, on what tab are new added albums missing? Do you have an example.

Screenshots would be great in this case :pray:

Hi Rebeka

I do not have any streaming services connected to the roon, only albums on NAS (FLAC flies).

The added albums do not show up on the: HOME → Recent Activity-> Added

Please see SS attached.

Kind Regards