Recent Activity Played is not useful to me

The issue boils down to the view is diluted, imho, with things of absolutely no value. Every track I touch and play no matter the duration is listed. As soon as play is initiated on a track it is included; so you will get a situation where the play activity will not match History.

This happens when sampling tracks to see what I want to play now, or while building a Playlist, or prepping a DJ show, or sampling a new band. If I am not playing a song long enough to satisfy inclusion in History, I certainly do not want to see it in Recently Played. I sift through a ton of musical detritus to find stuff I want to hear. And things I reject immediately are done so because I don’t want to listen to them.

Some suggestions that would help things out:

  1. Allow customization of what Played displays (tracks, albums, compositions, radio, etc), that way I could turn off showing tracks.
  2. Only include tracks played long enough for inclusion in History.

Examples my Recently Played :
Played just yesterday afternoon

From one evening

I note that it is possible to “Dismiss from this List” items in the NRFY section, but not from the Recent Activity section; perhaps this function would help reduce the clutter?

If it were to be added, then I hope that selecting a range will be possible as well - at the moment, items can only be individually selected.