Recent Activity - Played - Showing TIDAL - I no longer subscribe

Subject says it all…TIDAL albums in my recent activity, though I no longer subscribe to the service.

Also, while I am at it… Recent Activity - Added - has a LOT fewer albums than it used to, making it far less useful for me (and no longer my default view).

Man, I wish Roon would stop making the user interface “better” and just ef-ing leave it alone.

Have you logged out of Tidal in Settings > Services and rebooted your Roon Core?

Also, I believe Recent Activity is meant to be “Recent”. It’s not meant to replace Albums Browser sorted by Date Added.

Yes, I have.

Fair enough. I am used to always going to Overview as my default starting point. Now, I guess, I go to “Albums” for the same view.

I go here to start or sort by artist. If I recently played an album, I probably don’t want to listen to it again just yet.

What happens when you select one of these albums or tracks? Is there an error message?

Won’t this problem resolve itself as you listen to more stuff and the old Tidal references fall off?

I unsubscribed from Tidal recently as well.
Of course I see Tidal albums in recent activity as well, but get “album unavailable…” when selecting it.
All of that is to be expected, if you ask me.

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Thanks Marin,

That’s what I would expect too. I was wondering if it caused Roon to crash or some other bad state.

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No, it doesn’t cause Roon to crash. Well done, Roon, on this amazing new feature.

I spoke too soon… now, Roon Server is crashing, repeatedly. I suspect I will need to reboot my Mac Mini, but I can’t do this at the moment, as it’s transcoding video.

It’s running video in addition to Roon core? Maybe that’s the problem.

No. It’s not “running video”.

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Rebooted and Roon Server is working again. I guess I need to plan on always doing this after every Roon update.

I’m not sure what that means, but I was suggesting that if the core device is doing (or running) more than Roon, maybe that was part of the problem. Just trying to help you figure it out.