Recent albums of Qobuz not appearing in Roon


I would like to listen to the latest album of Strome “Multitude” that is available from Qobuz for some days but it does not show up in Roon.
I even created a playlist in Qobuz and though the latter appears in Roon’s Qobuz personal playlist, it is empty (no song of the album is available from the list).

Are their restrictions in Roon? Does it take several days (weeks?) to get pushed from Qobuz to Roon…

Thank you.


I have noticed that Qobuz releases that appear in the Qobuz Releases, Grand Selection tend to appear in Roon straight away.

Other stuff tends to show up the day after for me.

May be it is down to how Roon and Qobuz communicate changes etc?

Ok thank you Andy. I will monitor and mention how long it took for that album when it will be accessible, as an example

One way to get such albums into Roon is to favourite it in Qobuz/Tidal and then synch your library and it should appear.
It is showing up from Tidal but Qobuz is being slow.

Roon are dependent on Qobuz sending the releases with the extra metadata roon needs. Often an album will show up in the artists discography first as it takes time for the search indexes to be built.

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